UPDATE: Seeking Customer Feedback is Underway!

I’m excited to let you know that I’m rapidly moving ahead with seeking customer feedback on my idea for Debate the State.  I have had a few very helpful one-on-one interviews already and I’m slated to have several more this weekend.

Not only that, but I have almost 20 more people who’ve expressed interest in interviewing within the past few days.

I prefer to listen to my customers instead of Dogbert.

Given the amount of individuals who are interested, my hope is that most of my free time this upcoming week will be spent conducting customer interviews for Debate the State!  This will give me a lot of great opportunities to learn about how I can write this book more effectively to respond to your concerns.

My goal is that once I have 30-40 interviews finished (maybe more, depending on how many interviewees continue to express interest!), and if those interviews confirm that my core idea and thesis for Debate the State are going to be valuable, then I will start writing!   This could be within the next two weeks if the high volume of interview requests continue to come in (pretty pumped about that possibility!).

If you are interested in being one of the interviewees for Debate the State, please send me a message through Debate the State’s Facebook page. I would love to set up a time to discuss with you what you specifically want to see in this book!

– Jason Hughey

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