9 Reasons Why Dogecoin is Very Wow

So Freedom. Much Crypto.  Wow Internet.

1. Dogecoin is based on an Internet meme that features a funny-looking Shiba Inu.

Despite replacing MGM’s classic lion and snuggling with Vladimir Putin, the Doge had no clue what was coming next. A bunch of Redditors hatched a rather ambitious idea to turn him into the foundation for an online cryptocurrency: Dogecoin.

2. Dogecoin  is proof that spontaneous orders in a free market will always outpace government, especially when it comes to technological innovation.

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Yep. It’s true. In the time that it’s taken a bunch of Redditors to turn a meme into a cryptocurrency, the Obama adminstration still can’t figure out how to make a website work.

3. Dogecoin has turned into an efficient way to tip people online.

Seriously, Dogecoiners are generous. Do something to make their life a little bit better and they will tip you for your contribution, no questions asked. For instance, a friend of mine named Chuck Grimmett got over 3,000 Dogecoin tips:

Click here to read Chuck’s article.

4. Dogecoin, like Bitcoin, is a more efficient payment option in a world dominated by digital technology and the Internet.

Paying with a credit card online leaves people open to identify theft and fraud. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are changing how we think of providing secure payment systems in the digital age. Bitcoin and Dogecoin are also proving that a decentralized currency driven by a spontaneous order has the potential to better adapt to the needs of individuals.

5. Dogecoin is not subject to manipulative Federal Reserve policies like the paper fiat that is the U.S. dollar.

The U.S. dollar has consistently lost its value since the creation of the Federal Reserve. Dogecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that gives individuals a more technologically adept money that individuals can use if they are unsatisfied with the U.S. dollar. At any rate, it’s virtually impossible to tip someone online in dollars, but Dogecoin makes simple stuff like that super easy.

6. Dogecoin helped send these guys to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Meet the 2014 Jamaican bobsled team. Dogecoiners on Reddit helped raise roughly $33,000 (in Dogecoin of course) to help send them to the 2014 Sochi games. This came after news came out that, despite qualifying for the Olympics, the Jamaican team was $40,000 short of being able to afford the trip.

That’s not just a lot of generosity, but also a really cool demonstration of how a cryptocurrency can break down international barriers in order to help others. Now, the Jamaican bobsled team gets to live an amazing dream. Best wishes to them in Sochi!

7. People are able to use Dogecoin to help cover everyday expenses.

Yep, this person paid off $12,000 dollars in medical bills after mining some Dogecoin. This is real value facilitated by an Internet meme turned into a cryptocurrency. Amazing.

8. Dogecoiners raised ~ $30,000 in Dogecoin to train service dogs for children in need.


Remember how I talked about how Dogecoiners were generous? And remember the Jamaican bobsled team? It doesn’t stop there. There are now two litters of puppies being trained as service dogs. They will be matched with children who need them. Plus, two more adult service dogs will be paired with two families in need.

And that is how the free market turned an Internet meme into real charity. What started as a crazed-looking dog meme will now, thanks to the innovation and entreprenuership of individuals, help families with disabilities get service dogs to help them live their lives.

9. Dogecoin is an example of what it means to Debate the State.

See Reasons 1-8.

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